Vetagro is a progressive, science-based company, specializing in feed additive development and production. Since 1982, our headquarters in the Italian food valley and our subsidiaries around the world have been delivering high-tech, innovative and cost-effective solutions in line with the needs of the modern animal feed industry.


Good live performance and reproductive capabilities are heavily dependent on good nutrition and animal health. Vetagro’s diverse team of specialists are constantly working to improve our products to help animals face field challenges. We offer a wide range of products to improve animal growth and performance in all poultry species.


Since 1982 our team of specialists has continuously pursued scientific research into better products to improve pig live performance. Our microencapsulation technology is designed to provide a slow release of the active ingredients throughout the entire intestinal tract for better absorption of the active ingredients and greater product efficacy.


The need to guarantee ruminant absorption of a correct amount of nutrients in the intestine cannot disregard the degradation by the rumen microflora. For over 30 years our scientific research has set the goal to improve the rumen bypass so that a lower concentration of active ingredients in the diet leads to maximizing performance.

Innovation is at the core of our philosophy, driven by our dedication and focus on research and development. For almost 40 years our focus has been on developing targeted feed additive solutions for poultry, swine and ruminants, through scientific research, technological development, innovative formulation and a focus on quality. Today, as a result of our continuous R&D activity, we offer a wide range of solutions. We design each of our products with one target in mind, maximizing the health and efficiency of food animals in accordance with environmental protection and consumer safety. Science is the foundation of everything we do.