Microencapsulation pioneers since 1982.

“We develop effective solutions in line with the needs of the modern feed industry: Production Efficiency and Safe Food. This is TOUCHABLE INNOVATION.”

Andrea Piva,  President of Vetagro

Vetagro is more than microencapsulation.

For almost 40 years Vetagro’s focus has been on developing targeted feed additive solutions for poultry, swine and ruminants, through scientific research, technological development, innovative formulation and a focus on quality. We are a passionate and dedicated team of researchers and specialists committed to providing solutions that maximize animal performance while promoting a sustainable food chain.

Our Strengths

  • Excellence Certified

    EFSA – EU Commission approved solutions
  • 100% Made in Italy

    from the Italian food Valley we export quality all around the world
  • Focus on Our Customer

    highly qualified customer and technical support around the world
  • Microencapsulation

    efficacy for over 30 years
  • Research

    peer reviewed publications and scientific forums

Our Goals

  • Canada

    Food safety

  • Canada

    Consumer Health

  • Canada

    Improved animal health and performance

  • Canada

    Reduced envirornmental impact


Microencapsulation pioneers since 1982.

For almost 40 years our focus has been on developing targeted feed additive solutions for poultry, swine and ruminants, through scientific research, technological development, innovative formulation and a focus on quality. Today, as a result of our continuous R&D activity, we offer a wide range of solutions. We design each of our products with one target in mind, maximizing the health and efficiency of food animals in accordance with environmental protection and consumer safety.


As a pioneer in manufacturing rumen-protected methionine, we develop innovative solutions to face the market needs and production challenges. Our second generation of products, based on organic acids, are still a best seller. The newest generation, the AviPlus® line, is the cutting-edge result of our research activity.

The advantages of Microencapsulation

Nutritional Advantages

  • Rumen by-pass and intestinal slow release for maximum efficacy
  • Species-specific

Feeding Advantages

  • High mixability
  • Exceptional palatability
  • Improved stability
  • Lower inclusion rate
  • Lower inclusion rate

Technical Advantages

  • Easy and safe to handle
  • Minimizes corrosiveness
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Pelleting compatible
  • Dust reduction

Our Milestones

Rumen Protection

Pioneer in manufactured Timet®, Rumen Protected Methionine. Flora Bovis was developed by Dr. Peter Van Soest to increase rumen NDF digestibility.


Well before the 2006 European withdrawal of antibiotic growth promoters, Tetracid® 500 is launched, becoming a flagship product for weaned piglets and is extensively copied by competitors. It remained our best seller for over 15 years.


Global Patents marked the innovation of Galliacid® S for poultry and Tetracid® S for swine. The second generation of Vetagro feed additives.

Budapest, Hungary

Vetagro distribution for Eastern Europe is established.

Reggio Emilia, Italy

The opening of New Headquarters and State of the Art Production Facility.


The EU commission approves AviPlus® for increased growth rate and feed efficiency. Vetagro, Inc. is established in Chicago, IL USA.

Latin America

The opening of the Latin American Market.

Vetagro YEM

Vetagro YEM is established in Istanbul, Turkey.

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Our Certifications of Quality

Our technology and feed additives are patent protection in the United States (US 7,258,880 B2), in the European Union (EP 1,391,155 B1), and in Canada (CA 2,433,484 C); with more patents pending. Our corporate responsibility is to strive for quality. In 2014 Vetagro obtained the Excellence Award in recognition of Quality, Environmental and Safety Management System complying with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001.

These endorsements demonstrate Vetagro’s commitment to manufacturing quality, work safety and environmental stewardship.
In the context of quality control, we are constantly screening our raw ingredients and final products throughout the supply chain, using internal and external laboratories. For us, ingredient and product quality and traceability are essential.

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