For almost 40 years our focus has been on developing targeted feed additive solutions for poultry, swine and ruminants, through scientific research, technological development, innovative formulation and a focus on quality. Today, as a result of our continuous R&D activity, we offer a wide range of solutions. We design each of our products with one target in mind, maximizing the health and efficiency of food animals in accordance with environmental protection and consumer safety.

“We develop effective solutions in line with the needs of the modern feed industry: Production Efficiency and Safe Food. This is TOUCHABLE INNOVATION.”

ANDREA PIVA, President of Vetagro


As a pioneer in manufacturing rumen-protected methionine, we develop innovative solutions to face the market needs and production challenges. Our second generation of products, based on organic acids, are still a best seller. The newest generation, the AviPlus® line, is the cutting-edge result of our research activity.